Social Media Sale

each Information is Money! each Pixel is Money!! every Second is Money!!!

  1. Facebook Page for sale
    more than 100 Likes page = Rs. 2000 only
  2. Popular Blog for sale (with High Visitors)
    more than 8Lakh visitors with high traffic and backlinks blog = Rs 3500 only
  3. Communities for sale
    more than 65 communities in orkut =Rs. 1000 only
  4. Social usage
    for lifetime permanent
    • banner advt in blog, 
    • one like in facebook page, 
    • follower for your blogs, 
    • weekly 1share in facebook, twitter, gplus, blog post
    • Vote up and give bounty to your questions and answers in stockoveflow sites
    • add as friend in  facebook, twitter, orkut, slideshare, digg, gplus and all of your social media profiles = Rs. 1000 only
  5. Content and Photos blog for sale
    more than 60 blogs profile having more followers and more aged blogs = Rs. 5000 only
  6. Social Network Member profile for sale
    A high popular profile with more friends and community membership profile = Rs.5000 only
  7. All in One package
    the above all in one bundle if for just Rs.5000 only
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